Old Philipsburg


Holland House was one of the first hotels built in St. Maarten. It is renowned as one of the best on Island and still today hosts Dutch celebrities and Ministers.
History People at Holland House

Little History of Philipsburg

Philipsburg was and is in itself still a quaint little village where everybody knows your name. More than 120 years ago the governor was housed on the location the hotel is build.

It's the heart of the Friendly Island and the birthplace of many islanders. They grew up with fresh fish from the sea, fresh produce from the farm lands and spices that grow on the green mountainous hills. Today we still embrace the philosophy of freshness in the restaurant and our Chefs cook beautiful dishes with a mixture of European and of course Caribbean flavors.


People behind the Holland House Experience:

Paul Boetekees

Director and General Manager

Marc Van Iersel

Director and Financial Manager

Diana Gumbs

Reservations Manager

And many more...


Activities around the hotel and on St. Maarten.


In the middle of Great Bay beach, the perfect location.


Hotel gallery and impressions.


Fine cuisine served in front of the ocean. Lounge and bar.
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Holland House it in the top 10% hotels + Ocean Lounge in the top 10% restaurants worldwide.
Published: Aug 10, 2021
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