Why St. Martin is perfect for your upcoming honeymoon background

Why St. Martin is perfect for your upcoming honeymoon

March 15, 2021

Powdery sand beaches, glistening blue waters, a crisp ocean breeze and an overall relaxed and serene vibe: there are many things that make tropical islands the ideal honeymoon destination but what exactly is it about St. Martin that makes it stand out as the perfect location?

Best of both worlds

The dual-nation island is broken up into two sides: the Dutch country of Sint Maarten on the south and the French collectivity of St. Martin on the north. Many simply refer to these two territories as either the Dutch side and the French side. The language, currency, and overall feel
of the two sides are completely different so if you're looking to find a one-stop-shop destination for anything from cultural tours to shopping to indulging in fancy French cuisine to lazing on a secluded beach, this island is the perfect place.

Activities to suit your fancy

There is an endless list of activities to do as a couple on St. Martin which creates beautiful experiences for you and your new Mr./Mrs. Sample St.Martin's traditional liquor called Guavaberry: a cocktail made of rum, cane sugar and guava berries, stir up the romance and
head to the nude beach at Orient Bay, and explore deserted beaches on a kayak. But for those seeking a more private and intimate experience, St. Martin is also conducive to simply relaxing in a beautiful quiet spot with no worries on your mind and in the presence of your spouse's warm embrace.

Romance is always in the air

Everything about St. Martin screams romance. In fact, anyone over the age of 18 can get married anywhere on the island, you just have to pick a spot. Paperwork is filed two weeks in advance of the ceremony and an official attends to make it stick. Couples come to St. Martin to
enjoy the tranquil environment. Here is a destination that not only boasts of unparalleled beauty but also prompts romance and sophistication.

If you're looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, you've found it. It is guaranteed that you and your husband or wife will have an unbothered, stress-free and romantic vacation that's definitely one for the books.


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