Satisfy your cravings: St Martin s top 5 restaurants background

Satisfy your cravings: St Martin's top 5 restaurants

May 10, 2019

St. Martin is a Caribbean island that is home to over 120 nationalities. This is a place where cultures converge and diversity is celebrated. Because of its many influences spanning from across the globe, St. Martin also has some of the best cuisines in the Caribbean, and we're about to tell you where exactly you should go to find the best of the island's gastronomic surprises.

Bistrot Caraibes

Unsurprisingly, the French side of St. Martin has amazing French cuisine, but it doesn't get any better than Bistrot Caraibes. With savory and mouthwatering dishes that use only the freshest ingredients, Bistrot Caraibes prides itself on being internationally recognized as the best French restaurant in St. Martin. They take French cuisine one step further and elevate it to the level of fine art by serving meals with tender meat that falls off the bone, delicious and hearty spins on French classics, plus five-star gourmet plating and presentation.

Lazy Lizard Beach Bar & Grill

A straightforward home-style grill and restaurant, this casual corner has been one of the top-rated places for tourists who visit the island. Classic, tasty comfort food on the beach with a little bit of a Caribbean twist is what you'll get which is why it's no surprise that they have a steady following who just can't get enough of this humble restaurant.

La Villa Restaurant

Located right at the heart of Grand Case -also known as the "gourmet capital of the Caribbean", sits La Villa Restaurant. This lovely French restaurant is the perfect spot for a nice dinner date. They serve a wide variety of light and scrumptious French dishes and an even better and extensive selection of French wines.

L'Auberge Gourmande

Another French restaurant makes our list. L'Auberge Gourmande serves meticulously prepared classic French dishes such as onion soup, garlicky Burgundian escargots, and frogs' legs cooked in parsley butter sauce to a name a few. This quaint cafe which is set in one of the oldest Creole cottages on the island is a continuing favorite among local and foreign diners.

Spiga Restaurant

This Italian restaurant prides itself on selecting only the best and freshest ingredients from Italy and the United States. Authentic, rich and flavorful dishes await diners of Spiga Restaurant with a mix of classic Italian food and lighter features that have recently been added to their expanding menu. The owner’s advice: "come hungry-and always leave room for dessert."

For an island that spans only 37 square miles (96 square km), its almst hard to believe thaat there are over 400 restaurants to choose from in St. Martin. Choosing from such a wide selection can be overwhelming specially if you only have a limited number of vacation days, not to mention limited space in your belly. This top five list will help narrow down your options so all that's left for you to do is enjoy yourself!


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