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5 Couple activities in St. Martin

February 10, 2019

There are many things that entice couples to visit St. Martin. Whether you're dating, married, or just starting a blossoming love, the island has no shortage of romantic activities that's sure to add some spice in your relationship. In this article, we list down the top 5 things to check off on your list if you're coming to St. Martin for a romantic holiday.

1. Wine tasting

Take your partner out for a wine tasting date. Select Wine Cellar in Cole Bay offers an extensive selection of champagne, Armagnac, Bordeaux, and burgundy. Wine always sets a romantic mood and getting a light buzz on holiday is always fun, but of course, made ten times better when you’re in good company.

2. Go on a sunset cruise

There's nothing more dream-like than sailing through the ocean while enjoying a perfect Caribbean sunset with your partner. Watch the sky change colors as you sip on champagne and bask in the vastness of the ocean. Experience life as if you were in one of your favorite romantic movies.

3. Have a picnic on Happy Bay

Happy Bay is a beautiful secluded beach on the northern part of the island. Arrange a picnic for you and your partner and enjoy the day surrounded by nature with nothing but the sound of crashing waves around you.

4. Enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea

A nice dinner out can be made more special by choosing the right venue. St. Martin has wide choices of beautiful seaside restaurants that don't only give you a breathtaking view of the ocean but also serve scrumptious French cuisine.

5. Take a gondola ride through Simpson Bay Marina

Go on a romantic tropical gondola cruise and take in the beauty of the island from the best vies possible. Enjoy some sparkling wine and snacks as soft music serenades you and your partner while the sun goes down on your epic holiday.

Your romantic adventure awaits you at St. Martin. Anyone wishing to go on a coupes holiday to this beautiful island never leaves disappointed.


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