3 reasons to choose St. Martin for your next Caribbean getaway background

3 reasons to choose St. Martin for your next Caribbean getaway

February 10, 2018

St. Martin - the smallest island in the world that is inhabited and divided into two nations, is the ideal Caribbean destination for those who want to immerse themselves in rich cultures one day, indulge in fancy cuisine the next, then beach bum and island-hop the day after. For a small island, there are loads of experiences that await you but in this article, we're letting you in on the major reasons why we think that no one should pass up a chance to visit this amazing island.


It is said that St. Martin got its name the day that Christopher Colombus set foot on the island. Before that, the Carib Indians who followed the Arawak Indians called the island Soualiga - which means “Salt Island”. This was due to its main mineral deposit. In fact, the remains of the Great Salt Pond can still be seen in Philipsburg today. In the 1600s, the Spanish got threatened by small French and Dutch settlements on the island. They launched an attack driving the settlers away who they saw as dangers to their influence on the region. However, the French and Dutch teamed up to fight back thus making the Spanish abandon their claims to the Eastern Caribbean. Today, St. Martin is happily shared between the two nations and is home to over a hundred different nationalities. The island celebrates diversity and countless cultures as well as ethnic backgrounds.

Island life

The laid-back lifestyle, fresh food, soft ocean breeze, powdery sand, unspoiled nature, crisp blue waters, and even topless beaches -everything you think of when someone says "island life" is what you will get in St. Martin. You can spend your days lazing around the beautiful beaches while sipping on your favorite cocktail or even going on a jet ski or snorkeling tour of the island.

The people

St. Martin is also known as "the friendly island" -with good reason: the community is incredible. St. Martin's economy thrives mainly on tourism and the tourism industry, and one of the main reasons why the island has an average annual tourist count of one million is because tourists
feel welcome and safe. The unique blend of culture of the island creates a vibe of inclusivity that everyone just shares love and happiness all around.

Most tropical islands boast of their sand and surf but what makes St. Martin a truly unique destination is what lies beneath the surface. You may come to the island expecting a fun vacation but you are sure to leave with lifelong memorable experiences.


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